Yesterday, on the 18th of May, Cesar Escalante of Autodesk presented a great live webinar featuring the full potential, as well as multiple tools, offered by the Autodesk AEC collection.

The presentation consisted of a very insightful and interesting series of demonstrations, showing cloud interoperability through Autodesk Docs, and between several Autodesk platforms, such as Civil 3D, AutoCAD, Revit, Formit, and Navisworks.

One of the greatest findings through the multiple polls featured there was the fact that the AEC collection hasn’t been put to full use by many, and the webinar helped shed the light over some of the neglected workflows and less used software solutions.

Another shocking finding was the number of AEC professionals that have never, ever used Revit in 2021…

One of the workflows helped demonstrate the interoperability automation potential exposed through the AutoCAD and Revit APIs and the availability of solutions, both through Dynamo and the Autodesk App Store, which can allow both apps to communicate for an even more efficient automation workflow. CAD Block Remapper, as an upcoming and Free Autodesk App Store application, was used to remap AutoCAD blocks into Revit Family instances.

In case you missed the free webinar, here’s the workflow as used live to place furniture family instances based on the block locations of a linked interior design CAD drawing.

The workflow caught the attention of the attendees in a big way and many of the questions were about it, particularly on where to find and download the add-in.

As an answer, the add-in, which is free, will be available soon on the Autodesk App Store. It’s currently at v.0.6 Beta, and v1.0 is currently under review and will be published soon. No need to wait though, as the beta version is already available on our own App Store page and you can download the app for free there. Here’s a link:

Download CAD Block Remapper v. 0.6


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