Dynamo Multiplayer

Batch processes multiple Revit files using Dynamo. Supports BIM 360 models through Forge.

    Version 0.5 Beta

    Autodesk® App Store Rating: N/A



Dynamo Multiplayer is a Free Revit Add-In by Bird Tools, and is the ultimate universal Autodesk Revit batch processing tool, as it allows the user to batch process several Revit models or families using one or multiple Dynamo scripts.

The range of functionalities offered by Dynamo Multiplayer is infinite, as the user can use it to batch export PDF, NWC, DWG, IFC…files from Revit, to batch edit multiple Revit models, to achieve batch project setup, to batch perform quality assessment operations, to batch load families, to batch upgrade models, to batch edit families… and all of that using Dynamo, which provides the user with the highest level of flexibility. That makes Dynamo Multiplayer a universal batch processor for Revit.

Not only that, Dynamo Multiplayer takes Revit add-ins to a new unprecedented level, as it’s probably the first free non-Autodesk Revit add-in to support BIM 360 models through FORGE: the tool can batch process BIM Collaborate Pro (a.k.a BIM 360 Design) workshared models as well by retrieving them through Forge, batch controlling them through the Revit API, and processing them using Dynamo.

Autodesk Revit 2018-2019-2020-2021-2022 editions are all supported.